Club Within a Club

Social Clubs promote special interests, provide a venues for lively discussion and allow members to share common their knowledge and expertise.  Social Clubs are often come from ideas spurred by Members, bring your interests to the table and create a Club within a Club.



For the dedicated wine lover and connoisseur of beer and ale.

Each month our Food & Beverage team present complimentary tastings of wine and beer.  Vendor representatives are on-hand throughout the evening to answer questions about their offerings.  Typically on a Thursday evening, beer and wine nights are the perfect way to kick off the weekend... a little early.


Avid readers or just a great conversationalist?

Then join the next Book Club luncheon! Each month a new book is featured accompanied by specially themed  luncheon menu created around the book itself. This club draws members who are true book worms and those who simply enjoy the stimulating conversation.


Brain 'Fit & Friendly' Competition! 

Bridge meets each month. Come and stretch your mental muscles and enjoy some friendly competition through the game of bridge.